We’ve partnered with CAT to produce a series of exclusive looks highlighting its growing footwear line. While made to be strong and comfortable to tackle rugged worksite environments, CAT Footwear is constantly looking to innovate with new technologies and modern styling. With a shared commitment to providing the best workwear for the industrial professionals of today, the fusion of CAT Footwear with TMS.SITE apparel came from a common ethos resulting in a natural synergy.

For the editorial, we’ve asked our friends Master Wuso and Stone to test the products. While balancing day jobs in furnishing and steelwork, they spend their off-time at Wuso’s custom motorcycle shop, Chop Smith Custom. During our visits to the shop, we’ve grown an appreciation for the handiwork, knowledge, and passion required to build a living and breathing machine by scratch. Many of the skills associated with assembling a chopper carry over from their respective trades. With the technical know-how, the builds allow Wuso and Stone to expand their imagination and chart their desired way of life.

In focus are a number of unreleased TMS.SITE pieces paired with CAT’s latest footwear offerings including the ColoradoExpedition Boot and Intruder Beta.

Highlighted in the editorial is the Colorado Expedition Waterproof Boot. Fully worksite ready, the classic boot is constructed with waterproof, full-grain leather uppers with a rubber toe cap, metallic hardware, and a padded heel collar for added protection. 
Bold and nostalgic, the low-top Intruder Beta on the other hand, is a ‘90s-inspired street/performance sneaker which balances functionality with style and comfort. The chunky soles provide grip in wet, uneven, and dusty surfaces while uppers are assembled via strobel construction, with tough nappy suede materials used for the high-contact touchpoints.


With a Kurt Cobain tapestry hanging along the staircase, rock music playing in the background, and vintage memorabilia scattered throughout his shop, Wuso is one that looks to preserve heritage, creating a world of his own in the outskirts of Hong Kong. Stone, on the other hand, challenges norms in his own way — daring to test loud and progressive apparel pieces in the worksite without fear of being perceived as different.

Those attitudes and attributes - a quest for modernity with respect for the past and audacious marriages of style and functionality - are reflected in the DNA of both CAT Footwear and TMS.SITE.

Explore the full lookbook above and find the featured styles available online at TMS.SITE and CAT Footwear.