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Community Projects

The Community Projects of TMS.SITE is a virtual playground where creativity meets the passion we have for improving the conditions of the workforce. Through these initiatives we are able to not only give the workers a platform, but improve our products to better suit the needs of the users via their own feedback as well.

➤ Industrial Athletes Program

What is it?

TMS.SITE wants to propel and cast a spotlight on the elite Industrial Athletes of our time by building our very own roster of teammates that work with us to boost their own performance while testing out and functioning as ambassadors for the newest TMS.SITE products.

Why should you join?

As an ambassador for TMS.SITE, you have the opportunity to enter into a mutual relationship with us where your feedback is valued. You will receive 2 sets of the latest in TMS.SITE uniforms (2 tops + 2 bottoms), as well as a special Industrial Athlete discount on any future TMS.SITE purchases. Being an ambassador for TMS.SITE also opens up opportunities for you to be featured in upcoming commercial projects of TMS.SITE. In return, we expect to hear your opinion on the products being tested and to receive photos/videos of you performing as an Industrial Athlete in TMS.SITE gear for use in promotional material.

Who is the program for?

The Industrial Athletes Program is designed for individuals who thrive in physically demanding work environments and want to share their stories. Whether you're a skilled tradesperson, a construction worker, a factory employee, or any professional engaged in physically intensive tasks, the Industrial Athletes Program is your opportunity to shine while doing what you love.

How do you join?

Fill out the form below to be considered for the Industrial Athletes Program.

➤ Global Workers Discount

The offer of a 30% discount on all items from TMS.SITE to workers worldwide is an inclusive initiative that aims to express gratitude and support for the tireless efforts of individuals in the construction industry. 

This discount is extended to workers regardless of their geographic location, emphasizing our commitment to recognizing and appreciating the hard work of industrial professionals from all corners of the globe.

The motivation behind this initiative is rooted in the understanding that industrial workers are among the hardest-working individuals, consistently putting in tremendous physical and mental effort to build and shape the world we live in. TMS.SITE seeks to acknowledge and honor this dedication by providing a discount that enables workers to access the apparel they need at a more affordable price.

➤ Workforce Journals

This community project is the offshoot of an innate desire to show off the workforce, and the Industrial Athletes that comprise it, from their own point of view. At TMS.SITE we realize that you don’t have to dig deep to find individuality in the unique human-beings that make up the workforce - this is what TMS.SITE, with any and future episodes in the series, want to exhibit in a showcase that puts the Industrial Athlete front and center.