Suspended working platform


➤ Occupation/職業: Suspended working platform. 電工, 燒焊, 組裝永久吊船

➤ Location/地區: Hong Kong. 香港

➤ Experience/年資: 5 years. 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Skateboarding.

➤ Instagram: @Skateboardsometimes

Equipment/使用產品: Welding Pants (Unreleased), 3M Reflective Tee, 3M Reflective Sleeve Cover.

Hoi Kit is young worker from Hong Kong who specializes in construction gondola, welding & assembling. He firmly believes in the principle of hard work and dedication yelling corresponding rewards. Since reaching adulthood, He has been actively involved in construction industry for a period of five years.

Hoi Kit是一位年輕的香港燒焊及組裝永久吊船工人。他堅信努力付出就會有相應的回報,自從成年後他就投身地盤行業,並已經從事了5年。

Being passionate about skateboarding, He never fears of falling down. In fact, he once suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament due to playing soccer. However, this setback did not deter him from pursuing his work on construction sites.


His primary responsibilities include welding and assembling equipment for gondola at high altitudes. He balances himself on large structures, carrying out welding and assembly tasks. This job is far from simple and requires tremendous endurance and physical strength, especially considering the scorching heat of Hong Kong summers, making the challenges even more demanding.


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