ULTRALIGHT 4.0: New and Improved. The Best Choice For Hot & Humid Temperatures.

Thanks to the invaluable feedback and testing of our customers from all manners of trades, we’ve been able to harness the data from your work and make significant improvements upon the previous ULTRALIGHT 3.0 design.

➤ Functional Pockets


YKK 3D Zipper Pocket (right side).

Tool Slot Pocket (left side).

➤ Products Comparison

3.0 VS 4.0 Ultralight

➤ Retained Features


Cordura 500D

For the knee area and both side pockets, we use high-density, abrasion-resistant, and water-repellent Cordura 500 fabric.

Stretchy Crotch

The crotch area is made of nylon-blended elastic ripstop fabric with a 3D cut, providing a high degree of flexibility and unrestricted leg movement without feeling constrained.

Adjustable Waist & Legs

The Waistband and Leg Cuffs are Adjustable allowing users to adjust the width and tightness of the waistband and leg cuffs according to their needs, with a maximum adjustment width of 8cm. This prevents the pants from sagging from the weight of tools or other carried items.

➤ 4.0 Key Improvements


Knee Pads with 2x Cushioning

The previous 3.0 Knee Pads showed slight flattening after heavy daily usage. In order to provide more durability, the thickness of the 4.0 Knee Pads have been doubled to 10mm, providing longer lasting flexibility and protection.

The New 4.0 Knee Pads

➤ 2x Durability

➤ 2x Cushioning

➤ Just as lightweight and flexible

➤ Lighter than an AA battery

3.0 VS 4.0 Main Shell Fabric Anti-Abrasion Test

To enhance the fabric's durability and snagging issues, we selected a denser fabric with stronger fibers. We conducted comparative anti-abrasion tests between the 3.0 main fabric (LEFT) and the new 4.0 fabric (RIGHT) by applying drills with sandpaper attachments to each fabric. The fabrics were subjected to approximately 1500 rotations of friction (1 minute).

Upgraded Anti-Abrasion & Anti-Snagging Shell Fabric

The test results showed that the 4.0 main fabric did not show any pills, holes or loose threads after the drill and sandpaper attachments were applied, indicating increased abrasion resistance and durability compared to the 3.0.

➤ 4.0 Ultralight Pants Line Up


Flame Retardant Test

With the 4.0 flame-resistant variant, we used flame-resistant fabric compliant with EN13773 standards. This provides protection for individuals working in environments where sparks are generated by reducing the chance of sparks igniting on the fabric, providing greater protection.

35% Lighter Than Traditional Denim Pants

Who has been wearing the Ultralight 3.0?

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback! The new 4.0 was made possible by workers like you from all different trades who wore our 3.0 over this last year.


Wei Hao & Guei Sian Song

Occupation: Wall refinishing technician.

Location: Taiwan.

Boris Chan

Occupation: Steel Fixer

Location: Hong Kong.

Manto Lam

Occupation: Tree climber. 

Location: Hong Kong.

Daniela Rubino & Lauren Wilson

Occupation: Welders, Metal fabrication experts.

Location: United Kingdom.