About TMS.SITE: How TMS.SITE founder Mei Sze found the inspiration for the company through her father.
About TMS.SITE: How TMS.SITE found its beginnings through the founder's father.

➤ Our Story

Founded in 2021, TMS.SITE was created with a clear purpose in mind: to make the best workwear possible.

Born and raised blue-collar, founder Mei Sze Tsang formed a deep connection with construction work from an early age through her working-class upbringing.

In the '90s, when following her father to work sites, she witnessed the skilful labor of the workers - as well as their brutal, unforgiving working conditions. Their clothes not only failed to protect them from these conditions; they actively made difficult work even harder. To this day, traditional workwear is often bulky and uncomfortable.

The problem remains unsolved.

Coupled with rising global temperatures that make work environments more hostile than ever before, one thing is clear: the industry must change.

➤ About Us

TMS.SITE creates high-performance workwear for Industrial Athletes: those working in the toughest physical environments.

Our products aim to strike the perfect balance between performance and protection. With a class leading durability-to-weight ratio and functional, breathable garments, TMS.SITE provides a solution to the modern workwear problem. We use ergonomic patterning and the latest performance fabrics to cater to each worker’s trade-specific challenges.

We are not just a workwear brand. Where people see workers, we see Industrial Athletes.

Uniform Customization 

TMS.SITE customizes uniforms for companies and organizations who aim to become pioneers of their industries.

Wholesale Channels

We work with wholesale channels to distribute our in-house branded products.