Boris Chan

Steel Fixer

Boris Chan

➤ Occupation/職業: Steel Fixer 紮鐵工人

➤ Location/地區: Hong Kong. 香港

➤ Experience/年資: 3 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Fitness 健身

➤ Instagram: @to_chan

Equipment/使用產品Ultralight 3.0 pants, Ultralight Cotton Version (unreleased), Black Tested to Work Tee, 3M Reflective Sleeve cover.

Boris Chan is a steel worker based in Hong Kong. He is passionate about fitness, which has contributed to his excellent physical condition and made him to become an industrial athlete.

Boris Chan是一位香港紮鐵工人。他熱衷於健身,這份熱誠使他擁有出色的體魄,讓他成為一位優秀的工業運動員。

In recent years industrial accidents have been increasing, primarily due to a lack of safety awareness among workers who overlook the importance of proper work equipment. However Boris has strict requirements when it comes to work gear. He throughly researches the features of each brand and carefully understands them before making any equipment purchases.


In Hong Kong's hot summer, it's easy to suffer from heatstroke. For Boris, the Burtle fan jacket is an indispensabile piece of equipment that effectively lowers body temperature and helps him avoid heat-related issues in elevate temperatures. Additionally, as steel fixer, He often finds himself kneeling on one knee during work. To alleviate the strain and potential injuries on his knees, He choses the TMS.SITE Ultralight 3.0 pants. These pants are breathable, comfortable and equipped with knee pads, significantly reducing pressure on his knees.

在香港炎熱夏天容易中暑。對於Boris來說,Burtle風扇外套是不可缺少的裝備之一,能夠有效地降低體溫,讓他在高溫下避免中暑。此外,在進行紮鐵工作時,他經常需要單膝跪地。為了減輕膝蓋的負擔和勞損,他選擇了TMS.SITE Ultralight 3.0褲子,這款褲子透氣舒適,並且配備了膝墊,大大減少了膝蓋的壓力

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