Wei Hao & Guei Sian Song

Wall Refinishing Technicians

Wei Hao Song (Freeman)

➤ Occupation/職業: Wall Refinishing technician. 牆壁翻新技術員

➤ Location/地區: Taiwan. 台灣

➤ Experience/年資: 3 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Painting 畫畫

➤ Instagram: @free_1996

Equipment/使用產品:  Ultralight 3.0 pants, Ultralight Cotton Version (unreleased), 3M Reflective Hoodie.

Freeman is a wall refinishing technician from Taiwan and the second generation of "Home Decorative Wall" business.


From a young age, Freeman has been passionate about creativity while his father runs a wall refinishing company. With this background, He had brilliant idea of combining design and artwork with walls refinishing injecting fresh elements and creativity into the company. Together with his father they innovated "Home Decorative Wall" @huixing2007 wall refinishing company.


Freeman's refinishing techniques bring a fresh transformation to old and worn-out walls, giving them a smooth and exquisite appearance. This transformation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also brings immense satisfaction to Freeman. Moreover, working hand in hand with his father every day, despite having different opinions and occasional disagreements, they communicate and adjust themselves, strengthening the bond of father-son relationship and moving forward together towards their shared goals.


Guei Sian Song (Freeman's Father 的父親)

➤ Occupation/職業: Wall Refinishing technician, Founder of Home Decorative Wall. 牆壁翻新技術員、家塗飾壁創辦人

➤ Location/地區: Taiwan. 台灣

➤ Experience/年資: 27 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Collecting and exchanging woodcarvings and stone carvings. 蒐集與交流木雕、石雕作品

➤ Instagram: @huixing2007

Equipment/使用產品Ultralight 3.0 pants, Ultralight Cotton Version (unreleased), 3M Reflective Hoodie.

Freeman's father runs a company specialized in wall refinishing called "Home Decorative Wall". Inspired by his son Freeman, He decided to create a brand new image for his long-established company. He aims to infuse new vitality and style into the company by incorporating Freeman's unique creative concepts and techniques.


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