Cole Zuelke

Climbing Route Setter

Cole Zuelke

➤ Occupation/職業: Climbing route setter 攀石路徑設置.

➤ Location/地區: United States 美國.

➤ Experience/年資: 13 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Bouldering 抱石

➤ Instagram: @colezuelke

Equipment/使用產品All Seasons Pro Pants3M Reflective Hoodie.

Cole Zuelke is a climbing route setter and enthusiast based in the United States. He has a deep love for nature, climbing allows him to appreciate beautiful landscapes around the world.

Cole Zuelke是一位美國的攀登路線設置者和攀岩愛好者。他深愛大自然,攀登讓他能夠欣賞世界各地美麗的景色。

Cole's daily work involves establishing routes from climbing venues with the goal of develop visually appealing, safe and challenging climbing routes. To excel this role, He requires extensive climbing expertise, a deep understanding of rock formations, strong physique and excellent climbing skills.


The allure of climbing lies in the fact that you can only appreciate the magnificent landscape when you ascend. This is what deeply captivated Cole and made him fall in love with the discipline. Climbing emphasizes the coordination of limbs, endurance and physical strength. Each summit is an incredibly challenging process far from being a simple task.


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