Reimagining the Future of Workwear


We provide ready-made uniforms specifically designed for hot and humid climates. Wholesale discounts and custom logo placement are available for orders of 5+ units.

Our collaborative approach aims to create the best uniform for your unique needs,  helping to elevate your brand identity while prioritizing sustainability and a human-centered design.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: TMS.SITE conducts business with an eco-friendly mindset that puts sustainability at the forefront

Earth Friendly Design & Production


TMS.SITE uniform customization: to support sustainability efforts, 3D prototyping techniques are used to reduce waste and production time

3D Prototyping

We use real-life dimensions and textile data to perform virtual fittings via 3D design software, thus reducing sampling time and waste.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: To increase the longevity of TMS.SITE''s products, repairs are offered to B2B clients

Uniform Repair

TMS.SITE provides after-care for our B2B Clients to extend the lifespan of the uniforms. Repairs include but are not limited to re-stitching, color-dying, and puller replacement.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: with sustainability efforts in mind, TMS.SITE aims to source a majority of fabrics used from recycled fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

A large portion of our fabrics is sourced from a sustainability-focused supplier which recycles plastic bottles collected in Tibet into functional materials we use for our uniform projects.

Since 2018, we've been conducting field research to find the best fabrics and silhouettes for high-temperature work environments.

In our home city of Hong Kong, more than 50% of outdoor workers have reported cases of heat-related illnesses. Traditional workwear, featuring heavy canvas materials and baggy silhouettes, is ineffective in hotter climates.

It’s time for change.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: TMS.SITE pants are much lighter than comparative competitors', ensuring durability and comfort in one

Leading Durability-To-Weight Ratio

TMS.SITE's ULTRALIGHT 3.0 trousers weight 40% less than the next lightest work pants on the market.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: four steel workers toiling in the Hong Kong heat, wearing TMS.SITE workwear which is made to withstand the heat
➤ 3 months of testing in Hong Kong

Effective in Extreme Heat

TMS.SITE uniforms have been designed to handle hostile environments where temperatures regularly exceed 30°C.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: TMS.SITE workwear is designed to reduce the chance of injuries, with removable knee pads and adjustable waistbands

Designed to Reduce Injuries

Our uniforms are designed to reduce the risk of injuries and minimize damage when accidents do occur.

For example, our knee pads, work pants, and adjustable waistbands are designed to protect workers and prevent injuries in the toughest environments.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: TMS.SITE provides customizable fits with its workwear, allowing for increased mobility and less use of energy

Ergonomic Design

By optimizing for function and providing a customizable fit, TMS.SITE allows its wearer to perform their duties with increased mobility and heightened confidence, while expending less energy.

➤ Service Comparison

TMS.SITE home: Three bricklayers wearing customized TMS.SITE workwear on a construction site
TMS.SITE home: Three bricklayers wearing customized TMS.SITE workwear on a construction site

We Develop Custom Uniforms for Industrial Professionals