Industrial Athletes Program

➤ Industrial Athletes Program

What is it?

TMS.SITE wants to propel and cast a spotlight on the elite Industrial Athletes of our time by building our very own roster of teammates that work with us to boost their own performance while testing out and functioning as ambassadors for the newest TMS.SITE products.

Why should you join?

As an ambassador for TMS.SITE, you have the opportunity to enter into a mutual relationship with us where your feedback is valued. You will receive 2 sets of the latest in TMS.SITE uniforms (2 tops + 2 bottoms), as well as a special Industrial Athlete discount on any future TMS.SITE purchases. Being an ambassador for TMS.SITE also opens up opportunities for you to be featured in upcoming commercial projects of TMS.SITE. In return, we expect to hear your opinion on the products being tested and to receive photos/videos of you performing as an Industrial Athlete in TMS.SITE gear for use in promotional material.

Who is the program for?

The Industrial Athletes Program is designed for individuals who thrive in physically demanding work environments and want to share their stories. Whether you're a skilled tradesperson, a construction worker, a factory employee, or any professional engaged in physically intensive tasks, the Industrial Athletes Program is your opportunity to shine while doing what you love.


➤ Our Industrial Athletes Roster


Jason Ma

➤ Occupation: Arborist and Tree climber.

➤ Location: Hong Kong.

Hoi Kit

➤ Occupation: Suspended working platform.

➤ Location: Hong Kong.

Gwansoo Shin

➤ Occupation: Carpenteer, Art Technician.

➤ Location: South Korea.

Daniela Rubino & Lauren Wilson

➤ Occupation: Welders, Metal fabrication experts.

➤ Location: United Kingdom.

Cole Zuelke

➤ Occupation: Climbing route setter.

➤ Location: United States.

Boris Chan

➤ Occupation: Steel Fixer

➤ Location: Hong Kong.

Manto Lam

➤ Occupation: Tree climber. 

➤ Location: Hong Kong.

Wei Hao & Guei Sian Song

➤ Occupation: Wall refinishing technician.

➤ Location: Taiwan.