Uniform Customization

Our collaborative approach creates the best uniform for all unique needs, elevating helping brand identity while prioritizing sustainability and human-centered design.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: a man is wearing an example of a customized set of TMS.SITE workwear, including jacket and pants.
TMS.SITE uniform customization: send an inquiry to TMS.SITE with your specific needs for a customized workwear uniform

➤ 1. Inquiry

An inquiry is sent to TMS.SITE to request uniform customization and outline specific needs.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: with specific logos and symbols, TMS.SITE is able to fully customize any project to fit the clients needs

➤ 2. Branding Materials

Branding materials are provided for design reference.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: based on the size and scope of the workwear project, TMS.SITE provides a quote

➤ 3. Quotation

A price is given for the service requested.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: many different fabrics are available for custom orders, including net cotton,  heavy knit, nylon

➤ 4. Development

Work with TMS.SITE to determine the optimal designs and materials for the specific needs of the project.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: a man wearing his customized TMS.SITE uniform on a construction site

➤ 5. Sample Approval

Receive and approve samples of the designed uniform before final production starts.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: a factory where TMS.SITE custom uniforms are produced in bulk to fit the clients needs.

➤ 6. Production

Uniforms are produced in bulk.

TMS.SITE uniform customization: custom uniforms are shipped from TMS.SITE to the client within a given timeframe.

➤ 7. Delivery

Uniforms are delivered to the company within the agreed-upon timeframe.