Daniela Rubino & Lauren Wilson

Welders & Metal Fabrication Experts

Daniela Rubino & Lauren Wilson

➤ Occupation/職業: Welders, Metal fabrication experts 焊接工,金屬製作專家

➤ Location/地區: United Kingdom 英國

➤ Experience/年資: 9 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Mentoring young people through @oreprojects.通過 指導年輕人

➤ Instagram: @rubinowilson.studio

Equipment/使用產品4.0 Flame Retardant Pant

Daniela Rubino and Lauren Wilson joined as RubinoWilson in 2019. They studied sculpture at Central Saint Martins and The Slide School of Fine Art, respectively. RubinoWilson offer a custom metal manufacturing service for forniture sculpture and industry. They have been commissioned to create bespoke metal products for clients that include renewed British contemporary artist Sir Grayson Perry. Their eclectic portfolio spans working with Greenpeace to fabricate metal objects for protest actions, producing high end and steel forniture for Studio Enyo and Burberry, and the design and manufacture of their homeware products which are stocked in the TATE and Barbican Shops.

Daniela Rubino 和Lauren Wilson於2019年組成了RubinoWilson。她們分別在Central Saint Martins和The Slade School of Fine Art學習雕塑。RubinoWilson提供定制的金屬製造服務,包括家具雕塑和工業領域。他們曾獲委託為客戶定制金屬產品,其中包括著名的英國當代藝術家格雷森·佩里爵士。他們豐富多樣的作品包括與綠色和平合作製作金屬物品用於抗議行動,為Studio Enyo和Burberry製作高端鋼制家具,以及設計和製造家居產品,這些產品在TATE和巴比肯商店有銷售

RubinoWilson have collaborated with CAT Footwear, ESAB Europe, Dremel UK and Metals4U to provide a mentoring scheme that teaches local teenagers how to weld. Funded by Arts Council England and run from their workshop in the UK. The project aims to assist young people in finding career paths through practical skills like metal fabrication and mould making.

RubinoWilson與CAT footwear、ESAB Europe、Dremel uk和metals4u合作,提供一個指導計劃,教導當地青少年如何進行焊接。這個計劃由英國藝術委員會資助,並在他們在英國的工作室運營。該項目旨在通過金屬製作和模具製作等實踐技能,幫助年輕人找到職業發展的道路。

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