➤ Introducing: 家塗飾壁

➤ Project period: June 2023

(@huixing2007), a family-run home renovation company based in Taiwan, specializing in the revitalization of old properties. They consider themselves a beauty clinic for aging homes, dedicated to bringing new life to these spaces. Collaborating with contemporary artists, they showcase behind-the-scenes content to attract a younger generation of artisans, highlighting the evolving nature of the construction industry and the possibilities for creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

@free__1996, the son of the founder, recently purchased pants from TMS.SITE to infuse a fresh energy into the team for a group photo, capturing their collaboration with graffiti artist SEAZK. The team felt an instant connection with the product and subsequently became one of the first customers to embrace TMS.SITE Uniforms with our Logo Placement service.

To explore our Uniform Service, and visit their Instagram page for an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into their work.