Arborist & Tree Climber


➤ Occupation/職業: Arborist, Tree Climber 樹藝師, 攀樹師

➤ Location/地區: Hong Kong. 香港

➤ Experience/年資: 13 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Surfing & Windsurfing 滑浪風帆

➤ Instagram: @Arborjason.

➤ Youtube Channel: Arborjason.

Equipment/使用產品: All Seasons Pro Pants, Protective Shorts, 3M Reflective Tee

Jason Ma is a well-known arborist and tree climber from Hong Kong. He started working in the arboriculture industry in 2010 and has participated in tree climbing competitions in various countries. This year, He will represent Hong Kong in the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) and strive to become world champion.

Jason Ma是一位香港知名的樹藝師和攀樹師。他於2010年開始從事樹藝行業,並參加了多個國家的攀樹比賽。今年,他將代表香港參加世界攀樹錦標賽(International Tree Climbing Championship,簡稱ITCC),力爭成為世界冠軍。

There are only about 200 tree climbers in Hong Kong, which means that not many people have much knowledge about this profession and the sport of tree climbing. To promote arboriculture and tree climbing, Jason creates videos on social media to introduce his skills and equipment. Through these videos, He hopes to raise awareness about this niche sport and encourage more people to appreciate trees around them.


In 2023 He established the Hong Kong Arborist Training Center (HKATC) with the aim of promoting tree climbing and providing education on this practice, safety rules and tree conservation. The center also aims to deepen people's understanding of tree and the natural environment.


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