Manto Lam

Tree Climber

Manto Lam

➤ Occupation/職業: Tree Climber 攀樹師

➤ Location/地區: Hong Kong. 香港

➤ Experience/年資: 2 years 年

➤ Interests/興趣: Cycling

➤ Instagram: @manto_lam

Equipment/使用產品All Seasons Pro Pants,Ultralight 3.0 BLK, UV Resist tested to work long tee, 3M Reflective sleeve cover.

Manto Lam is one of the few female tree climbers and cycling athletes in Hong Kong. She has participated in several international cycling competitions, including the UCI Tour of Zhoushan Island professional race.

Manto Lam是一位香港少數女性攀樹員和單車運動愛好者。她曾經參加過多個國際單車比賽,其中包括UCI Tour of Zhoushan Island職業賽事。

Cycling has cultivated Manto's incredible endurance and physical fitness, allowing her to forge ahead and seek new directions. During the pandemic, Manto had more opportunities to connect with and fall in love with nature. Eventually, she quit her stable job of many years and embarked on the path of becoming a tree climber.


Despite her petite stature, Manto fearlessly tackles heights and climbs trees much taller than herself every day for work. She loves the process of tree maintenance, fearlessly clearing dead branches and giving the trees new shapes.


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