Introducing: Sunrya

Project period: Dec 2023

TMS.SITE's uniforms shine in solar installation! Sunrya, the all-in-one Solar-as-a-Service company based in Hong Kong, chooses TMS.SITE's uniforms for their frontliner workers installing solar panels at the Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong, Shatin.

TMS.SITE is committed to providing safety uniforms that empower frontline workers, ensuring their efficiency. Sunrya shares the same goal of delivering budget-friendly and sustainable energy solutions to companies who care. Hyatt Regency prioritizes environmental sustainability and the well-being of their employees, which values sustainable service and energy recovery.

Gabriel, co-founder of Sunrya, expressed disappointment with his Taobao-ordered uniform, which broke after just 3 days of use. This led Gabriel and other frontliner clients to turn to TMS.SITE for better quality, safety, and comfortable uniforms, especially for their workforce in challenging temperatures.

Sunrya's frontliner workers are seen in the pictures wearing TMS.SITE's 3M premium quick-dry reflective work tee paired with Ultralight 3.0 work pants. These lightweight and flexible garments are well-known for their durability with sporty performance. The pants feature TMS.SITE's developed kneepads, ensuring comfort during extended kneeling while minimizing discomfort when workers stand up.

At TMS.SITE, we prioritize both the comfort and appearance of workers, allowing them to feel and look good on the job.

Together, TMS.SITE powers the people while Sunrya powers the buildings.

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