➤ Introducing: CAT x TMS.SITE Editorial Project

➤ Project period: Nov 2023

In 2023, an exciting partnership was formed between TMS.SITE apparel and CAT Footwear to create a collection of exclusive looks that showcase CAT Footwear's expanding footwear line. CAT Footwear has established itself as a brand known for producing durable and comfortable shoes that are specifically designed to withstand challenging work environments. However, the brand is also dedicated to innovation, continuously seeking to incorporate new technologies and modern styling into their products. TMS.SITE shares a common commitment with CAT Footwear in providing top-quality workwear for today's industrial professionals, which led to a natural synergy between the two brands.

To capture the essence of this collaboration, a photoshoot took place at night in the Kwai Chung Container Terminals of Hong Kong, featuring the talented individuals Master Wuso and Stone. These individuals are not just ordinary "workers"; they embody more than their job titles. When they are off the clock, they roam the town, creating excitement with their custom bikes while proudly wearing TMS.SITE workwear and CAT footwear. Their passion for heritage and individuality serves as an inspiration, motivating both TMS.SITE and CAT Footwear to explore and shape the future of workwear.

To get a closer look at the full range of styles showcased in the collaboration, you can explore the complete lookbook; Additionally, you can find the featured styles on the official social media accounts of TMS.SITE (@tms.site) and CAT Footwear (@catfootweareu).